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The user experience of FCF Pay is simple, but without compromising on security.

Select FCF Pay

Wherever you see FCF Pay, select it to pay with your crypto.

Choose Crypto

With FCF Pay, the customer chooses which coin/token to pay with.


Scan the QR code or transfer to the unique transaction address.

Enjoy your purchase!

Our system detects the transfer and confirms. 


FCF Pay does not require the user to connect their crypto wallet to pay.

By connecting your wallet, you are running the risk of accidentally giving permission to hackers to access all of the funds in the wallet. The FCF Pay system requires simple transfers, thereby substantially limiting the risk to the end user.

On the merchant side, FCF Pay uses an industry-grade multichain vault to ensure the highest level of security.


Did you know you can earn money just by referring companies to accept FCF Pay? By joining our affiliate program, you will be part of the crypto payment revolution. A shift as radical as this in how payments are processed only happens once in a lifetime.

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FCF Pay is now a Zypto company. Please visit and to learn more about Zypto.

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