Why FCF Pay?

If you are considering accepting crypto and stablecoin payments, we have the ideal solution for all kinds of businesses.


  • Simple to integrate and use.
  • Powerful processing for over 100 cryptocurrencies.
  • Low transaction fees and no chargebacks! 

A Complete Solution

FCF Pay has been designed to cover all of your needs in order to accept crypto payments your way. Whether your company is an e-commerce store, a chain of brick and mortar retail stores or a payment service provider looking for a white label solution to expand your offering, we have built our system with you in mind.

  • User-friendly payment flow
  • Multichain payments for almost any blockchain
  • Access to easy-to-use custodial wallet infrastructure
  • Customisable check out 
  • White label options available

Instant Payments

FCF Pay gives you access to the funds received in an instant. Why wait more. to get paid?

No Chargebacks, Low Fees

There are no chargebacks when accepting payments in crypto… Even when the customer pays by card!

Total Flexibility

Accept crypto and convert to fiat, accept card payments and receive crypto… Design your own payment flow.

The Rise of Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows us to transfer ownership of digital assets quickly and efficiently, without the need for centralised ledgers or manual intervention. This makes the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments inevitable.

Blockchain payments do not follow the crypto market

While the speculative cryptocurrency market has its ups and downs (as compared to traditional fiat currencies), the volume of payments via the blockchain is growing steadily.

Stablecoins ease the transition

Stablecoins (cryptocurrencies that are pegged to the value of a fiat currency) are helping to accelerate adoption as they remove the perceived issue price of volatility. 

Truly multichain

FCF Pay can process payments of practically any cryptocurrency, on almost any blockchain. If you want your customer to pay, you must make it easy for them to do so. With out system, the vast majority of cryptocurrency holders will find an option that suits them. 

FCF Pay > Zypto Pay

FCF Pay is now a Zypto company. Please visit zyptopay.com and zypto.app to learn more about Zypto.

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