What is the $FCF Revenue Sharing Token?

What is $FCF?

The FCF Ecosystem bridges the divide between commerce and the blockchain economy. The model that we provide for our investors to earn immediate passive income is just as innovative.

Our token is not a memecoin, nor is it a utility token. Therefore, we prefer the term “Revenue Sharing Token” (RST), which describes its function perfectly.

By holding $FCF, you will automatically receive dividends that are automatically credited to your crypto wallet every 24 hours, or can even be “harvested” manually at will.

Our Smart Contract, which has been audited by Certik (the most prestigious and trusted crypto auditing firm – link here), pays dividends in the Binance Smart Chain native token, BNB.


Where do the dividends come from?

The dividends that are distributed proportionally amongst all holders via our Revenue Sharing Token come from the following sources:

  • Half of the 10% $FCF transaction tax
  • 1/3 of every FCF Pay transaction fee
  • Additional revenue streams as the ecosystem grows