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FCF Pay is part of the FCF Ecosystem, generating passive income through real-world products.

Not Financial Advice. Do your own research before investing in FCF Revenue Sharing Token or any other cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile. It is your own responsibility to research your investments thoroughly. FCF Inc., its employees, affiliates and subsidiaries take no responsibility for the outcome of your investment, the price and trading volume of which depend on market forces beyond our control.

What is $FCF RST?

The FCF Ecosystem bridges the divide between commerce and the blockchain economy. Therefore, our corporate arm works closely with businesses of all types and sizes, while the decentralised FCF Community is actively involved in the cryptosphere.

A key part of the FCF Ecosystem is our community of investors. They are the backbone of FCF, driving viral adoption of our products. FCF “invests” in the FCF Ecosystem to reward the community for marketing our products by means of social media and word of mouth. We do this by sharing a large portion of our revenue with $FCF RST holders via reward distrubution and buyback and burns via its smartcontract.

Our token is not a memecoin, nor is it a utility token. Therefore, we prefer the term “Revenue Sharing Token” (RST), which describes its function perfectly.

By holding $FCF, you will automatically receive dividends that are automatically credited to your crypto wallet every 24 hours, or can even be “harvested” manually at will.

Our Smart Contract, which has been audited by Certik (the most prestigious and trusted crypto auditing firm – link here), pays dividends in the Binance Smart Chain native token, BNB.

Where do the dividends come from?

The dividends that are distributed proportionally amongst all holders via our Revenue Sharing Token come from the following sources:

  • Half of the 10% $FCF RST transaction tax
  • 1/3 of every FCF Pay transaction fee 
  • Additional revenue streams as the ecosystem grows


    An additional 1/3 of each transaction fee is used for buyback and burns; a mechanism which adds buying pressure and also reduces the total supply of the token, raising the floor price forever. In essence, we buy $FCF tokens and then destroy them.

Buy $FCF with Embr Checkout


On-chain (DEX) purchases of $FCF either swapping from another cryptocurrency or directly with a credit or debit card.



We are amongst the first to use this service, so please be a little patient.

You can also buy $FCF RST on Centralised Exchanges aecentralised Exchanges. Please visit the FCF Ecosystem website for more information.


Did you know you can earn money just by referring companies to accept FCF Pay? By joining our affiliate program, you will be part of the crypto payment revolution. A shift as radical as this in how payments are processed only happens once in a lifetime.

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