Got Crypto? Need Cash?

We are proud to present our partners’ unique crypto-lending solutions.

Instant Payments

FCF Pay gives you access to the funds received in an instant. Why wait more. to get paid?

No Chargebacks, Low Fees

There are no chargebacks when accepting payments in crypto… Even when the customer pays by card!

Total Flexibility

Accept crypto and convert to fiat, accept card payments and receive crypto… Design your own payment flow.

Simplicity is key


    • Many people believe that accepting cryptocurrency payments must be complicated. Well, guess what? Our system is actually EASIER to integrate than many traditional payment gateways and has important advantages over them!

Online, in-person or even in the metaverse… Any time you want to get paid for anything, FCF Pay is there for you.

Book a videocall

Part of Making Crypto Payments Easier is customer support. Feel free to book a call to dicuss your needs.