Becoming the World’s Top Crypto Payment Gateway

Written by Joe Parkin

Joe is COO of FCF Pay, an experienced entrepreneur and is passionate about using blockchain technology to make the global economy more inclusive and fair.

How will FCF Pay become the leading payment gateway in the blockchain-based payments industry?

Is it even possible for cryptocurrency payments to take on the traditional fiat-based payment gateways?


Here’s some food for thought:


Payments; a Surprisingly Open Industry

It is probable that anyone reading this post has used Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal or Stripe in the last 24 hours.

How about Swift, SEPA or ACH for bank transfers?

What about alternative payment or international remittance companies such as Remitly, Revolut, MoneyGram or Wise that we see so frequently advertised online?

The Global Ecosystem Before Crypto PaymentsFew sectors have companies and protocols that become as ubiquitous as in the payments industry. Interestingly, though, the companies mentioned above each opened space for themselves despite it being seemingly impossible to do so at the time.

PayPal is a prime example. It seemed to come from nowhere and received a very lukewarm response from the established industry at its inception. The attitude seemed to be that it was unnecessary; “just because the payments are online doesn’t mean we need another company or payment method for it”, the industry elites seemed to agree.

However, they clearly underestimated the need for specific tools for the internet, leaving the doors wide open for new competition to arise. In our experience speaking to many of the leading payments companies worldwide, the establishment is again grossly underestimating the speed with which the blockchain economy is rising.


A new chapter in payments, and money in general.

We believe we are at the dawn of the next revolution in the payments industry, one that will have deep and global consequences. This time, though, there is more at stake than the way we move money. This time, there is a challenge to the very concept of what money is, of who should have control over it and how it fits into a truly global economy.

Unrest amongst the general population is growing regarding a variety of issues such as inflation, interest rates, individual privacy and financial security from the boom and bust economy. In short, faith in the fiat system is waning.

Blockchain technology provides an exciting window of opportunity to address many of the issues the current system has, and FCF is at the forefront of the movement, providing tools that bridge the gap between the traditional fiat-based system and the blockchain economy.

Few people realise that, if the crypto ecosystem were a country, it would already be amongst the top 10 global economies. While recent headlines have focused on the so-called “crypto crash”, which has seen the fiat equivalent value of cryptocurrencies fall substantially (numbers that are a lot less relevant than people think for reasons we will discuss in further posts), little or no attention has been given to facts such as the news that USDT – the biggest stablecoin – saw volumes in 2022 that outstripped both Visa and Mastercard.

The Role of FCF Pay 

Blockchain makes middlemen unnecessary, so it seems counterintuitive that companies such as FCF Pay should be necessary at all.

The transition towards this goal of decentralisation will at the very least ensure that middlemen must add value to the transaction in order to survive and flourish. A simple example of this is that a merchant using FCF Pay is able to associate order numbers and other details with incoming crypto transactions, which is not possible with a simple wallet-to-wallet transfer. Yes, it is possible to simply ask a client to send you crypto directly to your DeFi wallet, but we make it more convenient and simple.

FCF Pay is not just a crypto company, nor a traditional payments company. We are both. Our recently announced FLAME program ( is a prime example of how we are able to embrace the community side of the cryptosphere, while marrying it to such an established part of the financial system as Visa cards.

Our systems are not 100% centralised nor decentralised. We engage enthusiastically with memecoin communities and multinational financial institutions alike, building bridges both technologically and culturally.

We don’t just operate our systems under our own name, we white label them and offer them at reasonable prices, with super fast Time to Market. As we do so, we are able to grow a network of interoperable systems and influential colleagues in the payments industry, allowing us to provide even more value to both merchants and individual users in the future.

Our primary focus is on returning the currency to cryptocurrency; facilitating the direct exchange of goods and services for blockchain-based virtual assets. However, this also requires us to make it easy for funds to flow seamlessly between the blockchain and the incumbent fiat-based system.

Our payment gateway (or “blockchain payment system”, as it does more than just act as a gateway) is the first step, our integration with prepaid cards and on and off-ramps was the next… and 2023 will see the launch of our consumer facing blockchain payments app, which will revolutionise the way the general public view and use cryptocurrencies.

It has already been an incredible journey to this point. We can hardly wait for you to see where we’ll be in a year’s time. Our plans are ambitious, but our path the achieve them is clear.

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  1. Adam

    Excellent piece of content there Joe! Excited to see how FCF will continually exceed expectations.

    • joe

      Thanks, Adam 🙂

  2. Lee

    Nice article Joe, looking forward to the next ones

    • joe

      Thanks, Lee. I have a couple already written to publish over the rest of the week, plus a list of titles for the following ones. I’d love to hear any suggestions people have for topics though.

    • Jay Kay

      Fantastic post Joe. I don’t know how anyone could read that and not be super excited about the future of FCF and crypto in general.

      If anyone wants to learn about FCF and the future of the project, this is a very good start.

      • joe

        Thank you! There are many challenges ahead, but I’m sure we can do our part to help the crypto economy grow and flourish.

  3. Onthedesk

    Excellent article Joe! Keep em coming.

    • joe

      I most certainly will!

  4. Gregor Rozman

    Nice reading, Joe. Its very interesting to follow crypto adoption by FCF team making it understandable for everyone.

    • joe

      We do our best to fulfil our promise to “Make Crypto Payments Easy”, but it’s not enough to just have an easy-to-use payment gateway, etc… We also have to help educate the general public about crypto and even about the fiat system!

  5. wulth

    Eloquent as always, look forward to more blog posts.

    • joe

      Thanks 🙂

      There will be more very soon.



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