Bill Payments

FCF Pay Bill Payments introduces new ways to use your crypto currency. Compatible with over 20,000 stores, credit cards, banks, vendors, auto, utilities and more. FCF Pay makes it easy for you to pay your bills in crypto.

This service is currently only available in the USA, but more regions will be added soon.


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fcfpay.com/bill-payments , crypto bills, pay bills with crypto, pay with crypto, crypto payment gateway
fcfpay.com/bill-payments payment flow of how to pay your bills
What if I write the wrong biller number or personal information?

You will receive a decline payment email notification after 24-48 hours and you’ll have to correct the biller number or pay another payee.

How long does it take to show as paid on my statement ?

Bank payments may take 1 to 2 business days to process, excluding holidays and weekends.

How many bills can I pay per month?

As many as you want! There is no limit on the number of bills or the amount you can pay via crypto.

What are the fees?

2%+3$ per payment

What are the supported wallets?

All wallets, or even directly from centralised exchanges. We don’t connect to your wallet so your wallet is kept safe.

Who can pay bills with crypto?

We currently only support bill payments in the USA, but we are working to add more countries to the service in the near future.

What are the tax implications when paying with crypto?

Please consult your legal advisor

Do payees have access to my crypto wallet data?

No. Payees do not have access to your wallet address.

I can't find a bill , how do I know what bills are supported?

Type and search with ease! While we continue to improve our platform by categorizing listings based on location.



Countries | USA

*Kindly be advised that, at present, FCF Pay Bill Payments are exclusively accessible to individuals and businesses domiciled within the United States of America. It is noteworthy that the roster of eligible countries and entities shall be subject to future expansion. To remain apprised of pertinent updates and announcements regarding our forthcoming expansions, we kindly encourage you to monitor our official social media channels and visit our website.

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