Bridging the Crypto Gap

FCF aims to bring the web3 blockchain economy and the mainstream fiat-based economy together.

Solutions for Businesses

The blockchain economy is coming. We are accelerating this process by providing powerful, flexible yet easy-to-use solutions for all kinds of businesses.

Utility for Crypto Projects

We often say that we are putting the “currency” back into “cryptocurrency”. Listing a token on FCF Pay instantly makes it a spendable currency.

Growing together

FCF Pay is part of the FCF Ecosystem, with a community of crypto investors/enthusiasts at its core.

About Us

French Connection Finance (FCF) is a group of companies, including a Canadian-based software company and various other LLCs around the world. The FCF team has undergone the appropriate KYC process and the FCF project has been audited by Certik, the results of which show no major or serious issues.

FCF Pay empowers cryptocurrency holders by giving them the ability to use cryptocurrency as currency when buying goods and services.

FCF Pay empowers businesses by providing an all-in-one solution which allows them to accept both cryptocurrency and fiat payments while featuring low processing fees and near instant access to payment funds.

Integrations, partnerships and teamwork.

No one company is going to lead to the switch of the global economy to cryptocurrencies/blockchain. Nor will this transition be sudden and dramatic.

There will be a gradual transition over a period of several years, involving many people and many organisations.

During this transitional period, it is essential to work together with other organisations in the blockchain space, the business world and also in public administrations in order to maximise compatibility, reduce friction and bring about this change that we believe will benefit everybody.

This is why we are proud to be in a position to collaborate with so many wonderful people, projects and companies.

FCF Pay > Zypto Pay

FCF Pay is now a Zypto company. Please visit and to learn more about Zypto.

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